American Sign Language (ASL) Online – Level 2


An intermediate level American Sign Language (ASL) course for personal and professional purposes

Duration: minimum of 26 hours of online learning.

You have already learned the basics – the alphabet, numbers, introductions, greetings, etc. and now it’s time to dive deeper and learn more about using American Sign Language (ASL) in everyday life.

Our online ASL course (Level 2) will teach you how to effectively communicate with others through sign. You’ll learn how to ask questions, locate objects, sign in past and future tenses, and much more.

There are many jobs out there that encourage or even require American Sign Language. The goal of this course is to keep you on track to getting that ASL certification and obtaining your dream career.

Some of the jobs that require a strong understanding of ASL are:

  • Concert Interpreters: In an effort to abide by the American Disability Association’s guidelines, many concerts and festivals will have someone signing lyrics on stage with the artists.
  • Scuba Instructors: Scuba Instructors use ASL to communicate underwater due to the lack of communication in any other form.
  • Audiologists: Audiologists come into contact with Hard of hearing individuals every day. American Sign Language is a must-have skill for audiologists.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists: Though SLP’s don’t often come into contact with the Deaf, they do come into contact with many non-verbal people who may use ASL in place of the spoken word.
  • Special Education Teachers: SPED teachers could benefit greatly from our online ASL classes, as it could close gaps between them and non-verbal students and give them the tools needed to succeed.

Who is this sign language online course for?

This course is for anyone who already knows the basics of sign language, such as the ones covered in our ASL Online Course (Level 1).

What will you learn?

During this online sign language course, we will walk you through the essentials of ASL. These topics include but are not limited to;

  • Question Words: The W’s and how to state that you’re asking a question while signing
  • Prepositions: Locations of objects and placing yourself “before” or “after”
  • At Home: The various rooms throughout the house and the things in them
  • Action Verbs: to know/not know, cleaning, to want, etc…
  • Food: Various types of food, cooking, utensils
  • Weekdays & Times: Days of the week, months, years
  • Signing tenses: Present, future & past

The demand for ASL speakers is growing rapidly with plenty of opportunities opening up in media, events, communication, teaching, social services, technology, government organizations, the United Nations and many other industries! Learn ASL online today!

Check out our ASL bundle course that covers beginner to advanced levels.

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