American Sign Language (ASL) Online Course – Level 1 (2021 updated)

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Welcome to the American Sign Language (ASL) Level 1 online course!

American Sign Language is the most used form of communication amongst Deaf and Hard of hearing individuals around the world. With our online ASL classes, we will set you up to become a more effective communicator and employee.

This is a course that anyone and everyone can benefit from, both personally and professionally. Knowing ASL is an advantage for almost any line of work, especially for jobs where you have to interact with people such as teachers, nurses, baristas, flight attendants, etc. Whether you choose to learn Sign Language for a loved one, your career or for the opportunity to integrate with the Deaf/Hard-of-hearing way of communicating, it will give you an amazing new perspective of the world.

What will I learn in this course?

During our online ASL course, we will walk you through the basics of ASL. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Easy Signs: Driving a car, swimming, eating, food, gender…
  • Sign Language Alphabet (Manual Alphabet): Learn an alternative to the English alphabet, this language has a sign for every letter in the alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Times of Day: Phrases such as “good morning”
  • Pronouns: Personal – Possessive and reflexive
  • Family Members: Immediate & extended family, friendship, and manners
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